Ralph Lauren

“I have worked out and with trainers for many years, but I never truly understood how exercise could improve your life outside the gym until I worked with Tony Molina. I not only am stronger and physically look better than I did twenty years ago, but I finally have experienced what real conditioning is. I came to understand this when I was working on a fashion show in Milan. My team and I were working intense eighteen-hour days in preparation for the show. While my team of thirty-year-olds was falling down around me from fatigue, my son commented to me how he was impressed that I was still so energized and focused. I then realized what Tony was talking about when he told me how the conditioning program I was on was going to help me in my life outside the gym. I was experiencing the benefits of good conditioning; I was still full of energy, creativity, and focus even under the demands of the show’s preparation and being on my feet for so many hours.”

Liev Schreiber

“I first started training with Tony Molina in the summer of 2003. I was preparing to play Henry V for the public theater and felt that it would be appropriate for the “warrior king” to at least look like he had been to war. On top of this, I knew that the demands of the production would be extremely physical and the hours (eight shows a week with an approximate running time of 3 hours per show) brutal. As far as cosmetic results are concerned, I was surprised at how quickly Tony was able to achieve them. But what impressed me most was the comprehensive nature of his programming. Not only were we working on strength training and sculpting, but diet, cardio, motivational, and even massage therapy were all an integral part of the very personalized program we had developed. Within a period of two months I had lost nearly twenty pounds and changed my physique quite dramatically. Being an actor, this was not entirely unfamiliar to me. The difference was this time I actually felt better as well. I noticed that I had more energy, sharper focus, lower stress levels, and simple things like better posture. Tony’s unique version of core training and comprehensive personalized programming is undoubtedly effective. If you are serious about looking and feeling better, his programs are a great place to start. Just make sure you are aware and committed to what you are getting into: Tony’s expectations and goals are almost always higher than his clients!”

Dylan Lauren, CEO/Founder Dylan’s Candy Bar

“Tony Molina has given me the ultimate understanding of a healthy lifestyle. Not only has he helped me exceed my goals of weight loss and toning, his breadth of knowledge about fitness and inspirational advice have enabled me to achieve mental stamina, stress relief, more emotional peace about my body and an endorphin high. Best of all, Tony has taught me how to maintain my physique and still enjoy candy!”

Sally Singer, Editor for Vogue Magazine

”[Tony is] Ralph Lauren’s trainer…this is the man Eminem wanted to take on tour with him. He was the fitness guru of Equinox in the days when Equinox practically had a velvet rope around it.”

“Now I actually like my body which is pretty amazing feeling when you’re 34 years old, a mother of three, and stalking around in jeans that you wore in college.”

Lucy Danziger, Self Magazine, Editor in Chief

“I’m a fan of Tony Molina… he tells you how to do it the right way, no tricks or fads just healthy living… look like the stars from the trainer to the stars”

Men’s Health

Men’s Health chose Tony’s gym and his program as the best for “Busting Through a Plateau” in their “America’s Best Gyms” list where you can work in “multiple planes of resistance” to“ recruit more muscles per exercise, to burn more calories faster” with Tony.

W Magazine

W Magazine identifies Tony’s expertise at fitness, pointing out that he’s known for “fixing a former trainer’s mistakes”, and that when working at Equinox as a head trainer, he “met scores of clients who were more traumatized than toned by their former trainers. The club recognized Molina’s problem-solving potential and made him its Mr. Fitness Fix-It.”

Gotham Magazine

Tony’s “unique program,” according to Gotham Magazine, “gives you unique results–fast. Founder Tony Molina and his facility offer an integrated program of exercise and diet….that aims to take members to their optimal level of healthy living.” Gotham chose his studio as the place to obtain that “Most wanted Beauty” where Tony Molina “ takes working out to the next level”

New York Magazine

New York Magazine wrote In their Spa and Fitness special issue about Tony’s program “Evolution exercises are designed to increase balance and stability…in order to create greater symmetry” and featured Tony and Evolution Studio as one of “The City’s top beauty and workout gurus,” one of the top 5 in New York, and among the most elite in the city.